Virtually all people go through a breakup of one of their relationships at least once in their lives. Some people go through several, and they’ll tell you that it never gets easier, no matter how much practice you have at it. Most relationships follow a fairly standard recipe. You meet someone and everything is perfect and wonderful. Food tastes better, music sounds better, life is happier. You can’t imagine it ever changing, and you wish everyone could feel the way that you do. But, slowly and surely, things start to change. The little things that used to be wonderful or easy to overlook, are now bothering you.

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After you breakup, the first thing you think of is how to get your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back. This is probably the wrong thing to be thinking about. You broke up for a reason, your relationship was probably not working, and probably wasn’t all that stable and healthy. So why try to rekindle it the way it was? There’s no reason to try to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, as unless you fix the relationship, it’s just going to end the same way.

But, if you do think your relationship is worth saving, even if it looks like it’s over, these steps are worth following:

Step 1 : Have an honest conversation. Try to keep your emotions out of it, and just be objective. Don’t beg or cry, and don’t force them to have this kind of talk. Don’t try to pick a new fight, or assess blame, or rehash old problems. You want to talk about what happened, and where things went wrong. Maybe it was something big, maybe it was just a lot of little things. You need to have an honest chat about it to find out. There are conversation professionals who can help, if you find you need it.

Step 2: Apologize, if appropriate. Show that you regret things you did or didn’t do. There are two important things to keep in mind here. First, be sure you know what you are apologizing about. And second, mean it! Don’t apologize just to try to win favor, and don’t do it if you aren’t willing to follow through. Don’t get into an argument, and don’t get defensive, but keep calm, and express that you are sorry for whatever went wrong, and are willing to change.

Step 3: Be strong. If you appear desperate, clingy or otherwise needy, your ex will push you away even faster — and they’ll be right to do so. Don’t sit around waiting for your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to call, go on living your life. If you don’t become a whole person again, you have little chance of getting them back.

These are just three steps of many to help get your ex-girlfriend back. On the next page, you’ll find even more steps you can take. You don’t just want to win back your ex-girlfriend, you want to create a lasting relationship with them. That takes work and advice. Read on to find out more.

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