If you think crying loud about your break up with your guy will make him come back to your life, you are nearing a blunder. One has to be careful with relationships and when instances like breakup happen, you need peace of mind. It may seem impossible to be away from the person you so loved, but acting smart will help you a great deal to get your ex back in your life.

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Wait for a few weeks before you try and take any steps to get ex back. Let your ex realize your worth and let him spend some time without you. After all, space is what he needs at this moment. Till the time you start talking to him again, do not feel sad and take out time to love your own self and spend some quiet moments by yourself. Regretting things will not help you in anything. The happiness you gather will help you move forward with more confidence and help you get your ex back.

Before you decide to take any step, it becomes crucial to analyze your heart and control your emotions. Realities are hard to face but you need to keep strong to get out of any such situation. If you keep crying even when you arrange a meeting with your ex, one thing is assured that you will not be able to win your ex back. It is important to have your emotions in control, especially in public.

Before moving any further, dive deep into your own mind and look for the reasons that led to such an unlikely situation for both of you. It is good if you try not to blame him for everything as only one person cannot be held responsible in the matters of the heart. If you are at fault, the best thing to win ex back is to admit it. Improvement is the key to success here. Incorporate some good moves into your lifestyle that you think your ex will like.

If you find any loopholes, make efforts to fill them up. The changes that you bring need not be necessarily enforced; they have to be noticed by your ex. If you are unable to bring in those changes, take help of some god books and articles and get ex back.

After you have done enough of the mind boggling, arrange for a meeting with your ex. You can text him or give him a call. Do not start it all on the phone, ask him to meet you at a calm place. Tell him you want to return that book or CD. But make sure that you make him aware that you just want to clear the air and have a nice chat. If he does not pick your call or reply to your SMS, do not call him again and again. He may be busy or out of the town.

Now when you finally are going to meet him; dress to kill and how to get ex back. Look your best and wear an outfit your ex liked the most. This can make him think that you have changed for good and also boost your confidence. This meeting is going to be a tough one, so stay calm. Talk about studies or work may be. While talking it is natural that you will get talking about the big issue. When you do this, admit any mistakes that you think you committed and make clear that you are incorporating the changes, not for anyone else, but for yourself. Tell them about what you think were their mistakes, but do not turn aggressive. Let your ex have their say. After the meeting, give some time and space to your ex. It is possible that he calls you up to meet up again sometime. If he does not, do not lose heart and be optimistic, you can win ex back after sometime. Carry on with your life in a peaceful manner. After all you love yourself more than anyone else!


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