Should you attempt to get back with your ex girlfriend when you think you can’t live without her? When you think you can’t live without her and life is like a void, you may have a tricky problem. It isn’t impossible, though. It is something that you can do but will take a lot of soul searching and pondering about the situation. If you think you might want to get back with ex girlfriend, you need to make sure it’s worth it.

Language of Desires

If you want to try and figure out what makes you yearn to get back with ex girlfriend in the first place you need to ask yourself some questions. What was the cause of the break up in the first place? If this was your fault, look closely at what it was that you committed. Was it due to your selfishness? This is something that might be difficult to do. Look at the actions you took. Were they the results of a self-centered person? If so, then how have you changed for the better? What makes you so sure that you are no more a self-centered person? Is the desire to get back with ex girlfriend a result of such self-centered thought?

Before you try to get back with ex girlfriend, you need to make sure that both sides actually benefit from this relationship or it will have little chance of succeeding. If you treat this relationship as a means to fill the void in your life, then it will not do good to any of you. You may have to live with the consequences of your selfish actions. Don’t expect to be welcomed back with open arms naturally. You just have to know that if it isn’t good for both of you, nothing positive will arise from it.

If the reason that you broke up has more to do with your ex girlfriend’s selfish actions, then why do you think that she has changed or will change for the better? Look closely at her actions. If there is genuine remorse and a willingness to change, you might have a chance. You need to ask, “Is she just going to do this again?” If she always has the habit of acting out of selfishness in a way that is harmful to you and your relationship then forget about her. If you have significant reasons to believe that she will not repeat what she has done, then you should get back with your ex. You have to see that she is done looking out for her self-interest only and is more interested in something that benefits both of you.

In either situation, whether it was because of your selfishness or hers, or even both, you need to fully believe that both of you can act in each other’s best interests. You cannot expect this relationship to go far if either one of you is self-absorbed or self-centered. If you truly believe that the both of you are done being self-centered and can really be focused on the relationship, it may be a good thing to get back together with ex girlfriend.

The Magic of Making Up is written by T.W Jackson (affectionately known as T Dub) and he has helped many stranded couples get back together over the years with his experience with different people.