Are you going through a difficult break-up and wondering how you are going to get your ex back? Well you definitely need to begin with a game plan and really think before you act. We tend to get wrapped up on our emotions and making unwise choices based totally on how we currently feel and that is just the wrong way to start. I have put together several steps to help you get your ex back immediately.

Language of Desires

1- You wish to sit down and research the difficulty. What it was that lead you and your ex to split up? You also desire to look at both sides of the stories. Taking accountability for your own actions is step 1 to success concerning how to win your ex back.

2- Write down everything positive that draws you and your ex together, including the good times you had and your shared values.

3- Also, you need to set down the things that draw you and your ex apart, including the behaviours you portray that your ex has discussed that disappoints ex.

4- Once you have done the above, make sure you have fully given yourself a day or 2 to reflect on the situation before you make any further choices. That doesn’t imply that you absolutely pay no attention to your ex because you will only cause for the situation to become worse. If it makes it a less complicated, ask this… Would it show you that your ex still wants you back by completely ignoring you? Of course not! So take care that if you are planning on getting your ex back ignoring her is not what you need to do.

5- When you have researched the situation and where you went wrong in your relationship then it is time to send a love letter. Remember you put down all the happy times and shared memories that drew you both closer. That is exactly what you need to mention in your letter following your apologies. Do not be prideful! A sincere apology for your actions will melt your ex’s heart away.

6- If you’d like to win your ex back, don’t allow it to fail. Running away from your current position won’t make it any better. After you have sent your letter of apology give her a day 2 to think about every kind word. When you show real love with words you may win your ex’s heart.

7- After a couple of days, give your ex a call. Wish your ex a great day and let her know you’ve been thinking about them and how much you’ve realized that you need them. This could permit your ex to reply how they feel about you and how much they appreciate your letter followed by a telephone call.

8- Before you know it your ex has spent the whole day considering your call and how much they need you also. Give them some space throughout the day. I promise you that your ex will not let the night end without calling you back.

These are merely a few steps to get your ex back while not having to emotionally drain yourself. Remember Love your ex completely, stick to your guarantees and commitment to each other. Before you know it you’re madly deeply in love again.

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