Nearly everyone who has experienced a break up think about moving on, getting over the hurt, instead of thinking, how can I get my ex back? Are you one of those, or are you thinking of ways to remedy the situation? Everyone has to deal with a break up at some point or the other, but does it really mean this is the end of the relationship? Should you be thinking of moving on, or should you be thinking of ways of getting back with your ex?

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The truth is as long as youre willing to work and you know what steps to take, there is no reason why you cannot win your ex back. First, take a good hard look at the relationship and decide exactly what happened in the first place, to cause the break up. Thats the first step to getting your ex back. The point isnt to try to change the past, which is impossible. The point is to learn from the experience and determine what went wrong, and why mistakes were made the first place, which is what should help you grow.

There could have been many reasons for the break up. It could have been from behaviors which neither of you could tolerate anymore, or it could have been just one thing that was impossible to dismiss. Whatever the reasons, you need to get to the root of the problem, so you never have to deal with that situation again. Before working on getting your ex back, you need to work on the root cause, what drove the two of you to call it a day.

After a break up, we all feel that we cannot live without that person, and that life is meaningless and pointless. Those are natural feelings, but there is no way we should make this obvious to the world. Dont let people see you as someone constantly needing a shoulder to cry on, even your closest friends will get tired of you, if you behave in that manner. If you are to have any chance of getting your ex back, you need to portray an air of self-confidence which maybe no one had noticed before.

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