Have you tried everything to get him back yet it feels as if he is drifting further and further away from you? With every step towards getting him back do you feel like youre taking two steps back and losing the battle for your relationship with the love of your life? Do you just wish that you could reconnect with him and feel that closeness that you once shared?

Language of Desires

You are wise to know that without that connection your chances of getting him back are very slim and you should also know that time is of the essence to reconnect with him before he moves on. There will come a time when he is lonely and he desires that closeness with someone again and if he doesnt feel comfortable coming to you then it will be with another woman, so there is no time to waste.

In spite of the fact that most guys dont consider themselves emotional by nature it is a fact that all human beings need, want and desire that closeness with another human being. For a while, time spent with his buddies might help him to get over the loneliness after the breakup but we all have the need for meaningful human interaction and eventually he will want to be affectionate with someone. Is it your desire that you be that someone when he is feeling the need to be close to someone?

Right now there is a barrier between the two of you. Since before the breakup and now since, that barrier or wall has grown bigger as he turns from you and your advances. As you have tried to do everything in your power to get him back and connect with him he has backed off further and made meaningful communication more difficult. This is the way that guys sort of work and if you can imagine someone continually offering you something that you dont want you can see how this can grow to be annoying.

In order for you to reconnect with him and begin to tear down that wall between the two of you it might be necessary to break off all communication with him for a short while. If you are in a situation where you have to see him or talk to him avoid all talk of the breakup or anything that could be viewed as an attempt to get him back. A simple warm smile or a pleasant compliment is all that is necessary to let him know that youre still there.

Soon it will be time to connect with him again and when the opportunity presents itself you need to know what to say and what to do to make him fall for you again. You need to make him feel those emotions that will drill through that wall and make him think twice about his decision to break up with you. Yes, this can be a little tricky since any overt attempt to seduce him or touch him or make him feel the love that still dwells in his heart will cause him to shut down on you again.

Even though your ex might seem like an unemotional, unfeeling man right now there is still love for you deep down within his heart for you. Make him feel again and he will reach out to you. Make him love again and he will be yours. Make him smile again and you can and will be able to reconnect with your ex and get him back once and for all.

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