Losing someone… we all go through it.  But what if the relationship didn’t have to end?  What if there were techniques you could use to get back with your ex, quickly and effectively, before the breakup had time to take hold?

Language of Desires

Whether your relationship ended yesterday or two months ago, one thing rings true: there is always a  way to get your ex back.  By being proactive about the breakup and by making all the right moves, you and your ex can get put the pieces of your romance back together and start building a whole new future.

The problem is, most people don’t know where to start.  They flounder in a sea of bad ideas; calling, emailing, and constantly text-messaging their exboyfriend or exgirlfriend.  By chasing their ex as hard as they can, these people are inadvertantly shooting themselves in the foot.  They’ve eliminated any chance they have for getting back together before they even got started.

If there’s one thing to understand about getting dumped, it’s this: your ex knows you still want them.  Having this power keeps the breakup going for as long as they want to, as your ex feel secure in the knowledge that you’re still hung up on them (and not going anywhere).

Rejecting Your Ex To Get Them Back

One thing most people overlook is the fact that their exes are counting on them to sit around and wait for them to move on.  Because you want your ex back, and they know it, it enables your boyfriend or girlfriend the strength to continue the breakup for as long as they feel necessary.

Once you’ve actually accepted and acknowledgedthe idea of going your own separate way, THAT’S when your ex will reconsider your relationship.  And once you’ve actually rejectedyour ex to their face… that’s when your ex will all of a sudden want you back more than anything.

You want someone worst when you can’t have it… it’s a simple rule of life, and it holds true for relationships as well.  While taking your relationship for granted your ex had little to no interest in continuing to date you.  But once you’re out laughing, having fun, and potentially meeting new people?  Once you become someone to be desired again?  Suddenly and without warning, your ex needs to have you back in their life again.

So how do you reject your ex?  Simple.  You tell them yes, they’re right.  Yes, the relationship between you has deteriorated.  Yes, you ALSO think it’s a good idea to see other people.  And then, quite simply, you just walk away.

This is the first step on the path to reconciliation, and it’s one fast way to get back with your ex.  Why?  Because suddenly, in not chasing them, your ex regains respect for you.  And not only that, but now it appears as if your ex could actually lose you… something they haven’t prepared themselves for, even though they broke things off.

Other Ways To Get Your Ex To Want You Again

If you’re having trouble getting your ex boyfriend or girlfriend’s attention, you’re not alone.  Your ex has probably distanced themselves since the breakup, and you’ll need to overcome that withdrawal before you can win them over.

There are lots of great methods and techniques to accomplish this, including bonding secrets, emotional hot buttons, and the instant reconnection technique.  Find out how you can use your past history as a springboard back into your ex’s life again.

There are 8 Individual Stepsnecessary to Get Back With Your Ex, so find out what they are!  By learning the right (and wrong) ways to approach your break up, you and your ex can be back together as quickly as possible.