When a marriage breakup occurs there is a lot of pain involved.  This anguish is one of the most difficult things that a woman can go through.  The agony can be especially bad if you are still in love with your husband who left you.  You must get past this to have any chance of getting your husband back.

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Before you can be ready to try and get your husband back you need to make sure you are dealing with the pain of the breakup in a healthy and balanced way.

Firstly you must realise that you are not the one and only person who is feeling this way.  There are many women around the world all the time who are going through the same emotions and feelings as you, who are dealing with the pain of heartache.  Breakup pain is definitely one of those times where you feel all alone and you feel like no one else understands.  Tell yourself that there are people who understand and there are women who have gone through the same and sometimes worse than you and they have survived.

To help with the pain of the split from your husband you need to make sure your surround yourself with good friends and people who care.  Most of the time you will only want your husband by your side again, but this may not be possible.  Rather than sitting at home dwelling and thinking I want my husband back, you need to get out and about.  This will help take your mind off the split and start to make you feel better.

Only after you have started to deal with the pain by not focusing on it and concentrating on other elements of your life that give you pleasure, you will see that your heart starts to mend.  You will become a happier and healthier person without your husband. 

When you are finally feeling content within yourself and you have dealt with the pain in your heart you can then start to think about what you can do to get your husband back.  Only after you are happy within yourself should you do this.  If you have not dealt with your pain and depression you may do more damage to yourself and the relationship to even have a chance of getting him back.

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