It’s my 25th birthday in two days, and for the first time ever I have to organise my own birthday party. My useless boyfriend said he is too busy at work and can’t spare 5 minutes. So I decided not to talk to him until I feel that he has suffered enough.

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At first I thought he was winding me up, how could he not plan a party for me, so like every year I rang my best friend to ask. My best friend never lies and she doesn’t know how to, so every year I find out about my surprise party.

When I rang her this year, she said she was also surprised that my boyfriend didn’t call her to ask for help to plan the party. So I decided to ask him today when he got home from work. As I waited for him, I started to feel upset that he didn’t plan anything.

We had a long chat and he apologised for forgetting my birthday, I just thought he didn’t want a party but he actually forgot and that made me mad. So I said to him that from now on I will organise my own parties and if he remembers my birthday then he can attend my party
It’s my birthday today and my party has begun but there’s no sign of my boyfriend, I want to not care but inside my heart is breaking. Everyone is here now and its time to cut the cake, I tried to make excuses but it wasn’t working.

As everyone started to sing the birthday song, the lights suddenly went out and then there was silence for a minute. The lights came back after 2 minutes, so they all started singing again and as I looked up I saw him, my boyfriend standing in front me. I didn’t show it but I was so happy.

Finally it was time to open my presents, my boyfriend asked me to open his present first. When I opened his present I was so happy, he gave me what I always wanted. It was a driving experience day and I get to drive the new Lotus Europa in Dorset. It is the best present I ever received

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