In my opinion, it is really terrible when you break up and realize that you still care about your ex partner and cannot get over him or her. You spend every moment thinking about how to get back with your ex partner, while he/she seems to be moving on with life.

Language of Desires

You’ve probably, many times, felt like running to your ex and begging him/her to take you back. But stop right there! Won’t it be a better idea if you could find a way to make your ex want you back instead? Won’t it be better for you if your ex begins to feel like he/she has made a big mistake and wants nothing more than to be back in your arms? That way, you’ll get back your ex and still maintain your self worth.


Your Ex Needs a Friend

These days every one is pretty self engrossed, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find true friends. So when you find a real friend you never want to let go.


The secret to getting your ex back is to present yourself to your ex as a true friend, and he/she would want to cling to you forever. Now you really need to be sincere about your friendship proposal, because if your ex senses that you’re up to no good, then you could end up being alienated and spoil your chances of ever getting back your ex.


Here are a few guidelines to help you become a friend that your ex would never want to leave:


Lend a listening ear – To get your ex back, always be ready to listen when your ex needs someone to talk to and just happens to turn to you.


Follow up – When your ex shares a problem with you, call back a day or two later to ask how he/she is doing, and if things have gotten better.


Offer an helping hand – Let your ex know that you are willing to help out if need be, but be careful not to make yourself look unnecessarily available.


Get on with your life – Don’t just sit around waiting for your ex to come back. Do something new, make new friends, go to new places, whatever it takes, just make sure you keep yourself occupied.


Be fun to be around – When your ex comes around don’t create a miserable atmosphere by going on about how much you miss him/her or how lonely you feel. Create a fun atmosphere, crack jokes, gist about the exciting new things you are up to, and just be happy.


Be patient – When you are trying to get your ex back, your emotions might want to get the best of you, especially when things seem to be moving too slow for you, but you’ve got to keep yourself under control. Don’t burst out, or show signs of desperation. Just let events flow naturally between you and your ex, and watch the miracle of time and patience unfold.


Be easy to talk to – Listen quietly when your ex has something important to say and don’t cut in. By being easy to talk to, your ex would find it easy to share more and more of his/her emotions with you, and would also find it easy to ask for your love again when that time comes.


Being a friend to your ex should not be a difficult task, just be yourself, and make extra effort to be available, and you’d be well on the way to getting your ex back. When your ex sees that you are such a reliable person, he/she would begin to wonder: ‘what was I thinking when I left such a wonderful person?’ With time, your faults would begin to become less obvious and your ex would start making moves to become a part of your life once again.


From that point on, getting your ex back is like watching a movie, because you just sit back and watch your ex make lots of effort to get you back. Now that’s the smart way to get your ex back.


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