If your boyfriend broke up with you and you are still in love with him, it could turn your world upside down. You want to spend every minute with him but he is no longer around and available for you. It maybe hard to get him back, but there are ways to make him fall for you again.

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Men could be really stubborn, but there is no doubt that you’ve been a significant part of his life and if you know what to do you can trigger that soft spot in his heart to make him fall for you again. Here are some tips:

Rediscover yourself. This is the key to make him fall for you again, it is important to rediscover yourself and be the woman he used to love. Women are sometimes not aware that they lost some part of themselves while in a relationship and they became stale. Go back to the time when he first fell in love with you. Maybe you’ve lost the magic and this is the time to rediscover yourself.

Take extra effort on your appearance. Men are visual and another way to make him fall for you again is to look beautiful all the time. Take care of your skin, your hair and your body. If you are gaining weight, lose those extra pounds and stay fit. Your ex boyfriend may get amazed on how you look good now and may day dream how it is like walking with a gorgeous woman like you on his side again. Try new styles of clothing and new haircut that looks good on you.

Learn new skills and knowledge. This is the time to upgrade yourself and learn something new. For instance, if you like photography, this is the time to take the next step and get yourself a formal training about photography. If you like to cook, a culinary course will be a great thing. Improving yourself will make you more interesting and it is one way to make him fall for you again.

Meet new people and friends. It would be good to meet new people and friends. Do not focus all your attention on your ex boyfriend. If he saw that you are busy, having a good time with other people and you are no longer 100% available for him, he will feel that he need to compete for your attention. It will be easier to make him fall for you again if you already got his attention and interest.

Always wear a smile. A person always looks good when wearing a good smile. He will wonder how you have managed to smile and be happy despite of the heartaches. A smile is contagious and refreshing. If you happen to run into him, give him an eye contact and a smile. Even without saying anything, it will give him a message that you can be his friend no matter what happened.

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