Life is filled with uncertainty. One of the most unbearable is the uncertainty that comes after a breakup when you think your ex wants you back. The signs may be blinking before your eyes like a bright neon sign but there will always be this tiny little voice of doubt and fear in the back of your mind that isn’t sure she’s really interested in getting back together with you.

Language of Desires

Unfortunately for you, there’s only one thing you can do in order to know for sure that your ex girlfriend is interested in getting back together with you. You have to ask her. That means putting it all on the line and taking the risk that you’re misreading everything because you want it to be so. It’s a hard decision for a man like you, who’s already been hurt by her to make. It’s a risk and not one that all men in this position are willing to take.

Here are a few signs that she might be interested in making things work with you again that you can look for before you risk your heart and your pride all over again by asking her if she’s interested in a second chance with you.

1) She’s coming up with all sorts of excuses to get in touch with you. She’s probably gone for months without a word, visit, tweet, text message, or email. If she’s suddenly everywhere all the time then that’s a good sign that she’s at least marginally interested in reconnecting.

2) She starts making small talk about the good old days you had together. When she’s waxing romantic about your relationship it’s usually a pretty broad hint that she misses the good times your relationship represents to her. It’s definitely a sign to smile about if you’re interested in getting your ex back.

3)  She seems to find a lot of reasons to touch you. Whether it’s hugging you in greeting, putting her hand on your arm when she laughs, or playfully pushing you when you say something funny the more opportunities she takes to touch you the bolder her signals are becoming.

To some degree it is a guessing game. There are no signs that offer definitive proof. The odds are definitely in your favor when more than one of these signs are present however. Whether you’ve been looking for ways to get your ex back after your breakup or you’re simply interested in whether or not your ex wants to get back with you, these are some great signs to be on the lookout for.

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