Confusion and sadness are the first things that engulf your mind after a relationship comes to a sudden end. Even with this melancholy you know deep in your heart that you ‘still love my ex boyfriend’. Time is the greatest healer but that doesnt mean it can make the feeling of love for your ex boyfriend disappear from your heart immediately.

Language of Desires

Analyzing your current situation would help you make a decision on whether to try and get him back in your life or to close this chapter and move on. These questions would help you understand your situation better.

– Why?
This is the place where you can begin the analysis your relationship. Try to understand what the reasons were for you both being together and how the relationship started. Then try to figure out what went wrong. The most common reason for break ups are lack of trust and poor communication or in worst case poor compatibility. Once you realize what were the reasons for the breakup just figure out if you can resolve those issues. And if you cannot resolve them it means there was no compatibility in the first place. If you ‘still love my ex boyfriend’, its better to try and get over him as soon as possible.

– Friends?
How did the breakup materialize? Was it a mutual agreement or a conflict? Immaterial of how your ex parted from you its very important to have a cordial relationship with him and have some level of friendship still alive. If you had parted on a wrong note the re-establishing process would require forgiveness as well as understanding and support from your part. Though not the easiest thing to do, it sure is not impossible. The initial discomfort may give way to stronger bonding between you two. Communicating with your ex boyfriend is the key for this, whether or not you still love him.

– Substituted?
The worst situation to handle is when you ‘still love my ex boyfriend’ and he has moved on and got a new woman in his life. But there is nothing to be disheartened totally. The relationships built on rebound are rarely a success. There is a very good chance that he is still thinking of you and the best chance for you to get him back is to approach as early as possible. Making your presence felt, rekindling the old memories of things and moments you shared will help your purpose. Looking your best wont hurt your mission either. If there is any sentiment alive in him then it wont take long for him to realize your place in his life.

‘I still love my ex boyfriend’ there is nothing wrong how you’re feeling. Rather, its a good enough reason for you to try and get him back in your life. Now you know where to start and how to go about it and let him know that you still love your ex boyfriend.

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