Breaking up is hard to do, is the title of an old song. And they were absolutely right!! But if YOU did not break up the relationship but he did? Don’t you want to know some simple but very effective ways to win your ex boyfriend back?

Language of Desires

I have a friend who wrote a wonderful book called “The Magic Of Making Up”. He decided to use his skills to teach people effective and simple ways to make up with your ex.

Here is my personal view on some of the things people who broke up are trying to do.

When you say things like “I need my ex boyfriend back” is like jumping off a mountain pretending you can fly. We all know that outcome!! When you use wordings like “I need” it means you lack it and you are actually focused on the very thing that is missing in your life, instead of the very thing you want!!

It is almost as if your life depends on the need. It will give a lot of power to that specific person, instead of empowering yourself. By doing this you put yourself in a situation of emotional dependency. Don’t be disappointed when you will only end up with your feelings hurt or worse destroying the very relationship you want back.

Instead of saying I need my ex Boyfriend back you can say more empowering things like “My boyfriend wants me back” that sure makes you feel better doesn’t it? It might feel like you are lying to yourself at first, but trust me just by feeling good about this very subject you will raise your vibrational level. And that will draw to you more of what you really want.

By now you will understand that saying I need about things you want in Life only will have you focused on the lack of that. Once you find out that there is exciting ways to actually have the results that you WANT (not need) you will find it easier to let go of the old habits of trying to overwhelm your ex boyfriend.

If you are interested in more insights or want to learn more ways to deal with these kind of circumstances then check the link in my bio.

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