Is that your personal mantra these days? Are you thinking about him all the time. Is he your only topic of conversation, so much so that your friends are getting tired of you constantly saying, “I miss my ex boyfriend.”

Language of Desires

What can you do? Breaking up is a terrible, painful experience, no doubt, especially if you feel like he is the love of your life. You know, you’re not alone. Many others are crying, “I miss my ex boyfriend.”

Wouldn’t you rather go from “I miss my ex boyfriend” to “My boyfriend’s back!” Take a break from missing him all the time and let’s discuss some strategies and action plans to get him back.

There may not seem to be a chance in the world of getting him back, but these tips will work, if you truly want him back in your life. If nothing else, they will help boost your self-esteem and how your life is working out so far. By facing the fact that you may not be able to get back with him, you prepare yourself for being able to move forward with your life, a very wise and mature thing to do.

I know you’d rather have the secret to a way that will get him back, no matter what. There’s no magic spell, there’s no sure miracle for that. If that were true, every couple on the planet would still be together, or, at the very least, splitting up would be amicable and never painful. And the creator of such a miracle would be eligible for sainthood.

Let us agree that there are no promises, no fast fixes. Whatever you attempt in an effort to get him back may not work. Be prepared for that and you will be protecting yourself from further heartache. But having at least tried will go along way towards helping you put in the past whatever needs to be there so you can move on.

At some point, nearly every straight woman has said, “I miss my ex boyfriend” and “I want him back.” It’s happened at least once.

For some, it’s a recurring theme, unfortunately. But, no one ever died from it. Everyone gets through the pain and heartache and lives to see another day. You will, too, just remember that.

If, when trying to get him back, your attempts fail, that does not mean you are a loser. It’s far too easy to blame yourself when these things happen, but remember, there are two different people involved here and you are not the only one. You may have failed, but you are not a failure.

His ideas and opinions may be different from yours. He may have completely different reasons for wanting the change. If his reasons are solid to him, trying to change them will likely fail and you will only frustrate yourself trying.

Nevertheless, it’s worth it to find out what his opinions are. What if he isn’t ready to move on? What if he seems at least amenable to talking? Chances are, if you handle the situation gently, you will win him back.

However, going from “I miss my ex boyfriend” to “I got him back” lays a whole new set of responsibilities on you. Be aware that whatever broke you up in the first place may be an issue you need to address. You may need to make some changes in order to keep him, now that you’ve got him.

Before you even try to change your personal mantra of “I miss my ex boyfriend” to anything else, you really need to examine why you want him back. A bad reason for wanting him back would be if you just don’t want to be alone. You didn’t overlook fatal flaws in his personality when you started chanting, “I miss my ex boyfriend” did you?

If you don’t address the issues that split you up, you may go from “I miss my ex boyfriend” to “I want him out of my life!”

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