I lost love because I did something stupid, how can I get it back?  Unfortunately that question, or variations of it, has been asked millions of times by millions of people throughout history. If you are one of those people there are some things that you can do to help yourself win back that person that you just can’t seem to get over or get out of your heart.

Language of Desires

Your approach will be different depending on your unique circumstances but remember that even if your ex is with someone else, that up to 90% of rebound relationships don’t work out and in most cases the couple end up breaking up within six months.

That should give you some hope, and a little breathing room, while you figure things out. The first thing you have to do is to figure out why you did the stupid thing that you did. Were you lashing out at your ex because they said or did something that hurt your feelings, if so, you better learn to grow up and hold your tongue the next time around. Find better ways of dealing with these types of situations, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing things, find the right way.

Was it a case that you were just selfish or insensitive (or maybe both) this too is a signof immaturity, so if you really want to make things work when you are able to get back your ex, you’d better make some changes sooner rather than later.  If you don’t change your behavior, you won’t change the outcome and you’ll be right back saying I lost love because I did someting stupid… again.

A good thing to do is to apologize, sincerely, and explain why you did what you did and what you plan to do to make some changes. A lot of times just having a set ‘game plan’ that you can explain to your ex to let them know you are serious about making changes, will go a very long way to winning back the ex you’ve wronged.

Make sure that you can present a specific plan otherwise it might just seem like lip service.

It’s never going to work if you don’t prove to your ex that you’ve made real change and that you’re 100% committed to making yourself a better person, and a better partner.  If you can convince them that you are serious, they’ll have a slightly easier time of trusting you. Remember, that the stupid things you did before caused your ex a lot of pain, and they’re going to think twice before they risk that kind of hurt again. They need to believe that you won’t hurt them again, and just saying it won’t cut it most of the time.

Do not cause yourself, and others, needless pain by continually repeating the same old stupid patterns of behavior over and over again. Instead save yourself a lot of pain and keep yourself from ever having to say ‘I lost love because I did something stupid’ ever again. How can I get back with my ex will no more be a question.