Language of Desires

If you have done something that you regret, something that made you lose the love of your life then you need to find out how to win your love back. Well this is not an easy task. When you break someone’s heart it is hard for them to forgive you. You have to show them that you can and will change. A simple apology will not work. Anyone can say they are sorry. In fact most people do say they are sorry but most of them do not mean it.


You have to prove to your love that you are sorry and you do mean it. It does not matter whether your love is a woman or a man the same principals still apply. Start off by sending candy and flowers to their work place.


Be sure to include a note that tells them how much you love and miss them. If you get a response to this then your on the right path, as long as it is a good response. If they call after receiving the gift ask them out for a cup of coffee or a drink.


Something simple because anything more and they will think you are trying to rush back into a relationship that they just got out of with you. Once you get them to agree to a drink keep it light. Do not cry and beg to be forgiven. Just talk about the good times you had together. Have a few laughs and then kiss them on the cheek and be on your way.


After spending time talking about the good times in the relationship they will be thinking about you just as much as you are thinking about them. They may even call you and ask you for a date. If they don’t then give it a couple days a call and ask them out. If they agree then take them somewhere that the two of you use to enjoy as a couple.


You can win you love back as long as you are not too pushy.

Treat this as a new relationship. Do not try to pick up where you left off because apparently that was not a good place or you wouldn’t need to win them back.

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