Breakup, the word sounds as if someone’s heart broken up! If your smooth relations suddenly turned into harsh debates and ended up with a breakup, then it is the most painful experience for you. In fact, both of you have the same emotions of regrets, pains, anger and disappointments. However, your years of relation takes suddenly breakup, which seems unbearable for you and you doesn’t ready to give up your ex girlfriend. You wish to patch up the relation and desire of everything as going previously. But your ex girlfriend is nervous and she is not in the mood to hear a word from you. In this situation, you commit some common mistakes that may make the matter worse. Here is the follow-up of such common mistakes and the ultimate solution is provided to win your ex girlfriend back.

Language of Desires

Some common mistakes make you unconsciously to push your ex girlfriend further away from you instead of getting closer to her. In fact, breakup is not something like end of the relationship. However, in order to save the relationship you make desperate attempts just like arguing about the breakup and defending your side, calling your ex girlfriend on the phone frequently, begging her every time to come back, promising your ex girlfriend that you would change for her sake, etc. All these attempts sound lame excuses to your ex girlfriend and she will simply ignore you with your every attempt.

Make up your mind that until you are depressed, you cannot woo your ex girlfriend back. Thence, you need to heal your emotional state in the first place. Give some time to recover yourself and to your ex girlfriend to think over the matters objectively. If you approach your ex girlfriend instantly after the breakup, she will be pushed further away. She will sympathize with you, but never think to get back to you as a girlfriend. That is why let the time pass and await the proper moment so that you can take the further move to win your ex girlfriend back.

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