When you first got together with your man, you think to yourself that you are probably the luckiest woman in the world and that you can never find another man in your life as good as him. If you are still thinking about this even after you have broken up with him, then its going to be hard for you to get back with him. Contrary to beliefs, in order to win back your boyfriend, you cannot use conventional methods like pleading, crying, etc. I will show you how to win him back with 3 proven strategies and you require lots of mental focus and emotional restraining in order to use my methods. So here are the 3 strategies:-

Language of Desires

1) Stop all contact with him. If you are still constantly in contact with him, you should stop or limit your contact. The reason is because you will not be able to control your neediness if you are constantly with him or in contact with him. Guys despise neediness and that will scare him away like the plague.

2) Go out on dates. You must be thinking what if he finds out? What if he gets angry? Fear not, because this is the exact response you want from your man. Think about it, if he really does not love you anymore, why would he show signs of anger? Anger stems from his jealousy which still proves he has feelings for you. This is the thing with guys. The have a huge pride and ego. They just can’t stand the fact that you are going out with some other guy because another guy might have a go with “his” gal. This is how to win him back.

3) Go pick up hobbies and focus on yourself. Think only for yourself and stop wondering what is he doing at the moment or where is he going today, etc. You are only killing yourselves with this thought.

The key here is to get busy and meet new people. Extensive research has shown that making yourself busy and occupied not only helps you to get over your ex quickly but also increases your chance of getting them back.

So there you go folks, this is how to win him back. These 3 strategies have been proven and tested time and again to work but it is not guaranteed of course. Certain situations need other specific strategies, but generally, these do work for the majority of relationships.

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