Breaking up with someone you love very much is always very hard and it may seem all is lost and you will never get your love back. But the truth is that everything is possible and you can win your true love back. The problem with winning your love back, is that people are like fish out of water when they break up with someone. They have no idea how to win back their ex and most of the time, they make big mistakes because their heart is telling them one thing and their head something else.

Language of Desires

How to win back your true love

The first thing your heart is telling you, is to go after your true love and plead and beg for him or her, to take you back. But you head is telling you something else. It is telling you to calm down and back off. When you act so desperately and try to do anything to get your ex back, then your chances will decease rapidly.

You have to make yourself look strong and calm, not desperate and weak. So please do not call your ex a million times a day, stop pleading and begging. In fact do not even contact your ex for a while. This way both of you can have some time alone, to think about what went wrong and what can be changed. By not contacting, you will also make your true love curious. He or she wants to know how you have been doing, if you have not been together for a while.

You are not suppose to crawl back to your ex, you have to show that you are better that all the others. Try to bring out the positive aspects of you, hide away the negatives, make compromises. When you are not being your love and you miss him or her very much, then the opposite is also true.

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