How to win back your ex wife – you’ve been searching for ways to do this, but everything you’ve tried so far has failed. Don’t give up, you CAN win her back, and you can have a great relationship with her again! In the following tips, you will discover ways to get her back.

Language of Desires

You have to have a plan

Have you been grasping at straws, and doing everything you could think of to get her back? Have you been bombarding her with phone calls, text messages, gifts, etc.? I know it will be hard, but you have to stop. The only thing that you will do, when doing these things, is to push her even further away. You have to take some time and figure out how you are going to get her back.

By making a plan, you can think of different ways to go about getting her back. You can think of different reactions she may have, and you can think of ways to respond to her actions. The more things you come up with, the better.

Another thing this will do is it will give you both time to heal. You have both been through a rough time, and are dealing with pain. You have to allow some time for some of the pain to heal. That way, when you do approach her, the severe pain will have passed, allowing you to encourage positive thoughts and emotions.

Turning negative thoughts into positive ones

By replacing the negative thoughts (the reasons for the break up) and the negative emotions (pain, anger, etc.), with positive thoughts (the good times the two of you have shared) and positive emotions (love, happiness, etc), you will both begin to feel better.

Over time, the two of you will have more positive encounters, and will start to laugh and have fun together again.

When she does come back to you, you will have a much stronger relationship!

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