This is not unusual; a partner cheats on the other and finally realizes what he/she has done and immediately wants another chance to make it up to the innocent partner. This can be mind boggling and frustrating to answer the question how do you win your ex back? Although you have cheated on your ex you still be looking for forgiveness and you want things to be the way that they used to be. First you allow to ask yourself, would you take your ex back if your ex cheated on you? If your sincere answer is absolutely then you must keep on reading but if your truthful answer is no then you are a hypocrite and most likely not want your ex back.

Language of Desires

With that said you will need to make friends with your ex again and realize what kind of relationship your ex is willing to have with you in the companion status. Moving too fast will definitely scare your ex off or get your ex annoyed and force your ex away. Neither one of those is what you are trying to pull off. What needs happen is you need to dump any of the partner that you might be engaging at this time and make your ex a number one priority. This is continuously a very good way to convince that your ex sees you are willing to put out the effort and that you would like to make amend. While you are doing this ask yourself this question, how do you win your ex back? If you can answer that question it’s obvious you will be doing well and are on the correct path.

Once you have befriended your ex again and hold a little tad of trust, understand that this may well take a couple of months at minimum and there’s also a chance it could take more than that. But once you have won your ex’s trust back then you need to build on that trust and try to make your ex believe and notice how you have changed. Make her see what kind of person that you are. Bear in mind that if you have not changed, but yet you get your ex to believe a lie that you have come around, you are going to cause heartache to your ex. Be honest to yourself and to your partner. Don’t try to make your ex believe that you have changed when in fact you didn’t as this will make the situation worst. More lies will surely end any hope of getting back with your ex.

In the event that you do or you don’t get your ex back, keep in mind the question “how do you get your ex back?” Even if you don’t get your ex back, don’t be concerned as there’s an old saying “there are plenty of fishes in the sea.” Believe it or not, but there is that special one waiting to be caught by you. When you do discover that special one, learn from your past mistakes and don’t jeopardize by cheating on your new found love. Best of luck and hope you find happiness.

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