Love can be tricky. Yesterday you and your girlfriend are okay living a good life as a couple. Then in a blink, a fight erupted and before you knew, she already broke-up with you. Your first reaction is you want to win her back but the question is how. First is be calm if you are still angry or emotional do not come rushing in to your ex girlfriend’s place. It is always good to keep a level head. Some guys make a mistake of drowning themselves in alcohol then they would contact their girlfriend while intoxicated. You can cry if you want but not in front of her. Drama could work but only temporarily and once another fight erupted, the crying thing will no longer affect her.

Language of Desires

Take your time to clear your head to avoid mistakes when its time to talk to her. You should also ask yourself why you want your ex girlfriend back? You should be honest to yourself. Maybe it really is not worth it if there is no way you can give her what she is asking for. If you still love her and you are willing to change for the better then you can proceed. On how to win back an ex girl friend there are thing you should not do. First is do not act too desperate. Asking for forgiveness is okay but do not ask her right a way to get back together. Please do not say you cannot live without her because you can. Be strong and confident.

Another thing here is do not argue with her. Some guys instead of just saying sorry and be friendly can sometimes act too defensive. Even if it is not your fault, ask for forgiveness. It is not going to lower your dignity if you just accept it can be your fault. She left you for a reason.

Let her know that whatever her reason is you accept it like a man. You might not fully understand it but at least learn to accept. Do not try to win back an ex by showering her with gifts or promising things will be better. Empty promises will make matter worse and you might lose her forever. Avoid calling, texting or emailing your ex girlfriend every hour of the day. No one wants a clingy and desperate ex boyfriend.

Prove to your ex girlfriend that you can live life contentedly without her. This will at least make her think about you. Women notice even a small change. If she still care this could make her wonder if you have already moved on. This works better than the cheap tactics of making her jealous.

Instead of calling her or wallow in desperation think about the reason of the break-up. The fight may not be the real reason why she broke-up with you. It could be lack of time. Whatever the reason for the break-up it has to be address.  The goal is not just to win back an ex but also to keep her. Never fall to the trap of doing the same mistakes over again. After you win back an ex, you need to work extra hard to keep the relationship strong. Learn from your mistake, it will not just make you a better boyfriend but also a better person.

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