If you are reading this then it’s a safe assumption you have recently experienced a break up. Having that empty feeling inside and all you think about is him. This is when you truly need to know how to win back an ex boyfriend.

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Thinking about him constantly can get to a point where it occupies all of your time and takes over your life. This can impact your everyday life immensely. You may find it hard to concentrate at work or possibly get into arguments with friends and family members because they just don’t understand what you feel inside.

After a break up the first thing you want to do is to work on your confidence level, because it has probably taken a hit following the break up. Not knowing if was something you said or did, it has left you questioning every action that you have taken. I do have a bit of advice that I will provide to you right now, it is a bit of tough love, but here goes. Feeling sorry for yourself and moping around isn’t doing anything constructive for you or in helping you get your ex boyfriend back. I’m sorry if that came off as tough, but it is true.

Now with that said I’m going to offer some valuable advice that will help you work out how to win back an ex boyfriend.

You don’t want to present an image of being needy or desperate towards you ex boyfriend, doing so will only end up pushing him further away from you. The best way to get your confidence level back up is to go out with some friends and enjoy yourself.

Doing this works well for you in a couple of different ways.

You are occupying your mind and not thinking of your ex boyfriend constantly. You are having some fun, which will certainly make you feel better about yourself.
This is the exact opposite of how you ‘were’ previously acting, you may catch your ex’s eye. There is nothing that a man finds more attractive in a woman, than strength and confidence. Every man desires a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t dependent on anyone else for a good time.

After the above is looked after, you want to work out for yourself what went wrong. I would suggest to you, keeping away from your ex as you need some time to figure this out for yourself. If you can find the underlying reasons of what ended the relationship, you are more likely to be able to avoid the same mistakes if they arise in the future. Learn from the past.

Seeking some expert advice on your situation is never a bad idea. When I say expert advice, I don’t mean sitting in a psychologists office with your feet in the air, paying them your life savings to talk for an hour. What I mean is look for people that have gone through what you are going through, and ask for their advice. There are people everyday that work out the best ways for them on how to win back an ex boyfriend, and they are happy to share what has worked for them.

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