Are you trying to find a way to win back an Aquarian man? Notoriously stubborn, winning back this zodiac sign will require patience and a willingness to not give up. The Aquarian man has a tendency to make up his mind about matters of the heart and you will struggle to ever change it. The Aquarian man does have personality traits however, that you can use to your advantage.

Language of Desires

If you have been with an Aquarian man for a while, you will well know how contrary they can be. They will refuse to follow the crowd, prefering instead to go for shock tactics, regardless of what the consequences may be. The Aquarian man will more likely be found doing the complete opposite of what protocol requires. Often cited as “difficult to understand”, the Aquarian man has the ability to engage you in conversation like a best friend, and then, often quite abruptly, and without warning, turn to a complete stranger and talk to them in exactly the same way. The Aquarian man is a very sociable creature and will have many friends and will always be looking to make new aquaintances, this is something you will have to get used to. He will also change his mind frequently about smaller issues, not to be confusing, but just to spice things up a little.

This trait of contrariness is probably the best way to win back an Aquarian man. The Aquarian man loves to make a point of proving that he can do exactly as he wants, and will often end up doing the opposite of what you expect, or suggest may be a good course of action. Subtly putting forward the suggestion that you are something that he cannot have, will appeal to the Aquarian mans contrary nature. It will not matter who ended the relationship, but be very careful how you approach this as pushing to hard will make them run away at top speed. Aquarians have a razor sharp intellect and if they get the slightest hint that you are trying to influence their will, they will be gone for good.

It’s a psychological fact that people want what they can’t have, and this applies even more so to the Aquarian man. What you say and how you react when meeting or talking to your man after the break up is all important.
At How To How To Get Back With Someone You Love you will find the best way of approaching them for the first time and find out how, if done right, winning back your man is just a matter of time.

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