The worst nightmare a guy can have is getting dumped by his girl. This usually comes as a shock and leaves the guy all sad and confused. While some never get out of the after effects of the shock some make it their goal how to win a girl back. How to win her love back is the ultimate question that these guys confront.

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While there is no sure fix solution to this issue one can think of starting by forgetting the past. Many make a mistake of dissecting the past a little too much and analyzing what went wrong. This is a good way to understand the relationship but only up to an extent. The best one can do is to believe that since the relationship had worked in the first place it can work again. The break up is because of the current situation and to win the girl back all you have to do is turn the situation around.

If you are really thinking of how to win her heart back the first thing you might want to do is ignore the current situation. What this means is that why she left you or who she is with now is not really important as far as your goal of winning her heart back is considered. Whatever may be the feelings she might have for someone else, all you have to do, to begin with, is to put the spark back in her heart for you. Once you have done that you can move on to the next step of nurturing the love for you in her heart.

The best place to start is at the very beginning. Start up with short conversations, surprise visit to her place or a courtesy call on phone. Make sure to keep the goal in your mind always and none of your interactions indicate for the relation to go the path of we are just friends. Be sure to flirt whenever possible. Compliment can be a big weapon in your hands when used appropriately. Also take care to interact with her through phone calls or text messages after every meeting. She will feel you are serious if you keep persisting but be careful not to scare her by overdoing it. There is a thin line between attraction and possessiveness.

This is a good time to move on to the next step of how to win a girl back. But this is the phase where you have to take it real slow. Its better to have small dates before you plan to go for a full fledge date. Window shopping in a mall or a quick coffee date would be an ideal beginning. Make sure she is comfortable around you before you take it any further. Your respect for her personal space would help you score some valuable points. Every meeting should leave her wanting for more and in the end she would be the one wanting you back in her life. There would be no more questions how to win a girl back.

There are ways to get her back. Now what you need is some expert advice and a plan. Go check out how to succeed where others have failed. Why do the opposite of what you think you should do by visiting ex girlfriend back