How to talk to your ex after the breakup is one of the most ‘crucial times’ if you are trying to win an ex boyfriend or ex lover back, probably because it would be like a first date where both of you size up if the relationship indeed deserves another chance.

Language of Desires

Even if you have known your boyfriend for a quite a time, there are common things that may be a big turn-off for men when you are trying to convey him the message that you want to win him back. One thing that falls into these big don’ts when talking to your ex is begging. Do not beg him to give you another chance. If you want to learn how to talk to your ex, probably the first things that you need to think is to show him the woman whom he fell in love with. Of course, you did not beg for his love the first time you dated. You showed him who you are and how fun you are to be with.

In the first place, do not call your ex boyfriend everyday to ask him how he was. You must give some time after the breakup to call your ex boyfriend and do not just call to say hi. Find creative ways to connect. Call to extend your congratulations, call to greet him a happy birthday, or call to let him know of something that concerns him. This way, you can get the conversation starting from a different subject aside from the breakup.

If you want to talk to him, invite him to something that is fun and not to some ‘serious talk.’ If he can sense that you are trying to win him back, the more he will be reluctant to meet up with you.

When you finally had the chance to talk, do not bring up things about the breakup. This will help both of you to avoid blaming each other. If you have decided to win your ex boyfriend back, then that means that you are ready to accept the mistakes that have been done during the breakup.

If it was your fault, do not keep on apologizing. Focus your topic on some fun stories or talk about amusing stories that might connect to one of your happy experiences together. When you eventually recall the fun and happy times together, it might bring back good memories that may rekindle the feeling between the two of you. One thing to keep in mind about how to talk to your ex is to make your conversations fun and comfortable.

If you have called to congratulate him for his new job, then you can talk about his newfound career. Remember that the conversation should be something like your first date – you do not beg the other person to ask you out for a second date, nor you do not ask him to be with you but you share to him who you are. If you love to be around him, have fun, be yourself and appreciate him for his favors. Sometimes men just want to know that you actually appreciate what they do.

These are just some of the tips and techniques that you need to master if you want to learn how to talk to your ex. This may be simple ones but they can also be your key to getting your goal of winning back your ex.

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