Men, you love your womenfolk, but since you’ve settled down a bit, their 6-pack has become more of a paunch. It’s okay. It happens to many of us. Life presents new challenges and opportunities, and we often choose to embrace these things over physical fitness. It’s normal.

Language of Desires

However, nothing drives a girl nuttier than not having that stomach she once did. Catty looks at every skinny girl that glances your way, and eventually she might even resent your own choice of bodybuilding. So it’s a good idea to get in front of it.

Granted, your girlfriend might not have the time, energy, and interest to devote to bodybuilding that you possess. But two small tasks each night could trim those 5 pounds, tighten back up that midsection, and make her feel like the “old” her again.

1) Train abs before bed A great deal of blood rushes into any area you train. If you train them in the morning, then get up and move all around, the blood leaves the abs and goes to your legs, arms, etc. Train them at night, then go to sleep, and the blood remains in the area (bringing the gift of protein and nitrogen-rich blood to the newly torn muscle fibers) When you give them the nutrients they need to grow, they are able to heal and grow larger when they do so. This is building muscle.

2) Grab a protein snack before bed. You grow while you sleep. You tear millions of small muscle fibers as you conduct your daily tasks. They use the protein in your blood to heal as you sleep. The best idea is to get a little bit of protein in your body before bed. This could be half a cup of milk, some string cheese, a little lunchmeat, etc). Then do your 200 crunches, and crash.

It’s that easy. You can later work in cardio, and more diet adjustments during the day. Success will lead to momentum, which will lead to, hopefully, an avalanche of excitement for working out. But you have to start small. Good luck!

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