If you want to get your old girlfriend back you need to put your emotions away and stop crying. You need to find some strength and start to think about what you are going to do to get her back. Most men in this emotional state just fly by the seat of their pants as they try to get the love of their life back. They will tell their ex everything that they are feeling, even if their ex does not care. Men will go through all kinds of emotions like, sadness to desperation. If you really want your ex girlfriend back you need to take control of your emotions.

Language of Desires

Begging and crying will not get your old girlfriend back. No matter how sad and depressed you are, this will not work. She is not going to just take you back because you keep calling her sobbing and telling her she is the one for you and you can not live without her. Women hate this kind of emotions in the man she is involved with, they do not find this appealing at all. If you are trying to push your ex farther away, just keep the emotional train on this track.

In order to get your old girlfriend back you will need to do things that she does not expect you to do. She will expect you to get upset with her over the breakup, so do not get upset. She will be waiting for you to call and beg for a second chance, so do not call her. She will also think that you are sitting around mourning over the breakup, so do not do this.

Pull yourself together, stop[ the crying, and be friendly to her is what you have to do to get her back. Also, you can not have any contact with her at all. If you do, she will be the one in charge. So stop calling her and she will be the one calling you because she missing you.

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