While it’s common thought that breakups hurt girls more than guys, guys who have gone through this know better: That is complete nonsense. Statistics indicate that girls are twice more likely to break up a relationship than guys. Moreover, mental damage (from being depressed for a long time) arising from a breakup is three times more likely to occur in men than women – it’s frightening. I have lived this and was so  depressed and devastated that I was this close to going mad. Yes, it is frightening. But I got my girlfriend back, and I will tell you how to get your girlfriend back. Listen up now.

Language of Desires

I know that all you think of at the moment is to apologize and beg your girlfriend, maybe you have already done so. These things are called “text message terrorizing”, and they are wrong, as you have predicted (but unable to hold yourself back). Don’t do this. Don’t beg your girlfriend, stop apologizing, stop sending text messages. If you want to get your girlfriend back, the first rule is to straigthen your life, go out with friends and have fun. This serves two VERY IMPORTANT purposes that WILL get back your ex girlfriend:

1. When you have straightened out your life, you will feel much less likely to beg and apologize from your girlfriend. This is a very good sign because doing so pushes her further away from you every minute.

2. When you go out with friends, chances are that those friends have friends, and your girlfriend will hear of this: That you are OK with the breakup, you are over it, and you are now back to living your life and so are going out with friends. This will suddenly make you much more attractive to her, since now that she thinks you are over the relationship; the principle starts working: People Want What They Can’t Have!

To get my ex back, I used a lot of methods utilizing the “make yourself inaccessible” and “invoke your ex’s curiosity” principles. I did it by following a “complete game plan”.