How to get your ex wife back – you think about her day and night, and the break up is killing you. No matter the reason for the divorce, you CAN get her back. This article will give you sound advice that you can start to use today, and you will be on your way to winning her back.

Language of Desires

Right now, you are both dealing with pain and possibly anger. These feelings take time to heal. You probably want to call her, or get her to talk to you, and that is completely understandable. But you can’t push her, if she doesn’t want to!

Give her the time she needs to pull herself together, and you will have a much better chance to get her back. This will also give YOU the time YOU need to think of how to get her back.

Call a friend or two and hang out with them. This will allow positive feeling to find their way back to you, and will enable you to think clearly. If you keep thinking negatively, this will (subconsciously) hurt your chances of ever winning her back.

You have to come up with a working plan to get your ex wife back. If you just start talking, and don’t arm yourself with a reply to her response to you (good or bad), you will likely wind up hurting your chances.

By thinking about what you will say to her, and what how she may respond to your attempts to get her back, you will be prepared for anything that she may throw your way.

If you take it slowly, and build a friendship first, you will start to instill positive feelings in her that will replace the negative ones in her now. The more positive you can give, the better.

People like to feel good, not angry or hurt. Let the past be the past. You are working on a brand new relationship now, and a much better one, at that. Take your time. It will be well worth it, when she is back in your arms again!

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