Prior to we go any further, let’s get straight on to the crucial subject matter of mistakes. If you are trying to get your girlfriend back then it’s essentially better to do nothing than to make a mistake. Doing the wrong thing can force your girlfriend even further away and if she’s seeing another person then this will give her even fewer reason to give your relationship one more chance.

Language of Desires

So what are these mistakes? If you’ve been searching around for information then you’ve possibly observed things about not calling your ex, not begging or pleading and so on. Not like a few of the things you will read, this particular recommendation is extremely good. Persistent phone calls or sms will not only be irritating but will show your girlfriend that you’re available – giving her space to explore other things without anxiety of losing you. Pleading her to return has a similar effect and it too doesn’t show you in a very good light. People are generally not interested in negative, unhappy people. What kind of person was your ex girlfriend first attracted to when you got together? Probably someone who exuded happiness and positivity. However hard it way seem, it’s vitally important that you project the perfect image of yourself that you can. Don’t forget, in case your ex is seeing someone else then you’re now competing with this other person. You don’t want to give him any advantage.

These are the mistakes to keep away from. However, how to get your ex girlfriend back? Well, there’s actually one more mistake to stay away from. Be wary of help which trys to tell you how to get your ex back but which is aimed at both men and women – as a lot ‘help’ is. Why should this be avoided? Fairly simply, women and men are dissimilar. Their minds work in completely alternative ways – so good advice for women will not be the right advice in your case, a man, to follow. In fact, this dissimilarity between men and women is the key on how to get your ex girlfriend back. You need to understand female psychology and harness this knowledge for your advantage. Consider it. If you can understand the mind of your ex, understand what she is thinking, why she is thinking it and what she really wants for the future, then you would be in a very good position. You can alter your behaviour patterns to fit in with her wants and desires. You’ll be able to stay away from anything which was going to push her turn-off buttons. Instead of you chasing her, you would be capable of make her come running back to you.

Now you might be thinking that this really is all very well, but your own situation is so different from everybody else’s that these psychological strategies may not functional or you might not be capable of apply them. You’re fairly right that the relationship is different from everyone else’s. Everyone’s circumstances is unique, simply as you and your girlfriend are unique. Even so, your relationship breakup will fit into one of 5 different types. You need to figure out that category you fit into and then follow a technique designed particularly for your situation. Most help and most books do not get into this sort of detail but this is the level you should tackle to give you the very best chance of getting your girlfriend back.

It’s also significant that you simply understand the approach you’re following so that you can fine-tune it to the specifics of your own breakup. If you’re blindly following a blue-print then you won’t be capable of create good decisions as your situation develops. Should you recognize the tactic then it is possible to think in your feet and adapt. A good get your girlfriend back strategy will give you almost all these things. Follow it, and you give yourself the very best chance of success.

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