Breakups happen, and it is horrible when they do, especially when a woman leaves a man. If you find yourself in a breakup with a woman that you loved for so long, there is a boatload of information that will enable you to learn how to get your ex-girlfriend back. As a matter of fact, you can do this in five steps.

Language of Desires

1. Many experts say that you should play hard to get. You do not want to do that because you may push her away. You should let her know that you love her and communicate with her from time to time. But keep the communications brief. You do not want to appear desperate.

2. Write a short email once in a while. While you do not want to swarm her inbox with love letters and mush love songs and poetry, it is advantageous to say hello once in a while.

3. Stay away from other women. You may feel like it is okay to make her a bit jealous by casually looking at other prospects; however, you may send her the message that you are no longer interested in her. If you feel the need to date, why not replace this need by going out with friends and family.

4. Treat your ex-girlfriend like a princess. Every girl likes to be treated like a princess by the man that she loves. You can do this by sending her cards on important dates, such as an anniversary. You can even send her a small gift here and there that you know that she will love, such as a favorite candy or lotion. Doing this will enable her to realize what she is missing, and she will come back to you in time.

5. Make changes to your character that will make you more desirable. For instance, if you have a problem with being reliable? Perhaps, you need to work on being more reliable. You can do this by making promises that you are one hundred percent sure you will be able to keep. If you are impatient, then you need to work on being more patient. Were you not as sensitive to her needs as you could have been? Now is the time to develop this part of your character. If you are sincere about making these changes, and she notices your sincerity, you will get back into her good graces.

While there is no definite process that you can follow concerning how to get your ex-girlfriend back, following these five steps will enable you to get started on the right track. Be patient, and put forth a lot of effort, and she will be in your arms again before you know it.

These are just the beginning steps in winning your Ex back. They are the initial steps I followed when I lost the love of my life. And frankly these aren’t my original ideas. I turned to T W Jackson aka (T ‘Dub’) Jackson when I had no idea of how to get my ex back.

T ‘Dub’ authored a simple, step by step plan called ‘The Magic Of Making Up’, which you can find at my ‘Get Ex Back’ website

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