All of a sudden she got all upset and started yelling at you and crying then the next minute she was gone. Now you are standing there open mouthed and wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back – how to win your ex back. You don’t know what happened but you figure it must have been something you said or done. What to do?

Language of Desires

Your first inclination is to run after her and beg her forgiveness for whatever set her off. Don’t do it! Stay away from her for awhile. Let her settle down for a few days or a week. Right now you won’t be able to reason with her and will just make matters worse. She might not even have meant to breakup, just blowing off steam and being dramatic. If you approach her now, it could end up in an argument and you will lose your girlfriend forever.

You need to understand that women are more emotional and expressive than men. They also get hurt more easily and then tend to blow that hurt up into gigantic proportions. What might seem meaningless to you is a big deal to her.

How to get your ex girlfriend back will require some tact on your part. This means to play it cool and keep your head. If she hasn’t contacted you in a week, you should email her and say that you were thinking of her and hope everything is going alright with her. If you still don’t hear from her you should start showing up where you know she hangs out. Don’t stalk her! Talk to other people and let her make the first contact with you.

If your ex girlfriend doesn’t respond to any of these things, it might be time to go for broke and date one of her friends. This might bring her back in a hurry, but if she still doesn’t react you may have to look at getting on with your life without her.

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