Breakups usually trigger a course of action counter productive to getting back together. A direct request for a reconciliation is rarely effective once your ex has decided to end the relationship.

Language of Desires

Below are three tips to help get your ex boyfriend back after a bad breakup.

Let The Breakup Happen

Common sense can make a reconciliation more difficult after an unwanted breakup. Your initial instincts are telling you to pursue your boyfriend and convince him his decision to end the relationship was a mistake.

Ironically, the more you pursue and try to contact your boyfriend, the more it confirms his decision. A more effective persuasive action would be to agree with the breakup and let the separation happen in the short term.

Agreeing with the breakup will introduce doubt into your boyfriends decision, because it is not a logical expectation. He’s expecting you to ask for a second chance, so when you don’t do as expected he begins to question his entire line of thinking.

Use His Instincts Against Him

Men are incredibly territorial which ignites their jealousy on a moments notice. Even if your boyfriend initiated the breakup he will have a strong territorial bond linked to your affection.

Several weeks after requesting a breakup your boyfriend will still have a strong need to maintain your interest. It doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to be in a relationship, it’s more of an ego boost to know his ex still wants him.

If your boyfriend senses you’ve moved on, and are being pursued by other men it can create a need to recapture his bond with you. It’s a very basic instinct derived from men needing to protect their territory thousands of years ago.

How To Handle Communication

Your goal should always be to leave your boyfriend craving more of your affection. All communication should be polite and brief.

Most relationships end with loose ends that need to be discussed. Should you need to meet your boyfriend, keep the encounter short without asking for a reconciliation.

Avoiding a direct request to get back together will heighten your boyfriend’s self-doubt. He’s expecting you to chase him, and when you don’t he’ll automatically assume you’re being pursued by another man.

The tips above are a small sample from a larger plan to get your ex boyfriend back found in the Magic Of Making Up