Are you wanting, struggling and hoping to get ex boyfriend back? It can be a difficult and challenging time where there is often a big hole left in your life. Is this you? Do you think about him every minute? Is there something missing?

Language of Desires

Well here is my first tip to get him back fast. Lay off him! I know this sounds nuts but there is nothing more of a turn off than being chased by a desperate girlfriend. So:

– Stop with the texts, phone calls, emails or faxes.

– Do not try and ‘bump’ into him somewhere by chance. He will spot it a mile off.

– You do not want to be seen as a bunny boiler or stalker of some kind

Guys are much more turned on and desire a woman who seems a little bit harder to get. Especially when it’s his ex who has suddenly become like a forbidden fruit.

Now follow what’s below to make him COME TO YOU.

– Firstly work on you. Begin to be more positive, create a positive you. Easier said than done but there is a method used by many counselors and used at many seminars for various personal development.

– Write a letter to your ex, pour your heart out bout how bad you feel, all the stuff that went wrong and all the things you want to say but never had the chance to do.

– Do not send it.

– Go outside and burn it. Yes, burn it. Watch the flames consume it and burn away all that negativity you once had. Let it go with the smoke.

Your next steps are going to be to focus on the positives and what your strengths are.

– Think about what he used to praise you for and do more of it. So if he thought you were a good chef. Well, cook more and take a class to improve your skills.

– Did he like your hair? Now improve on it, head to your favourite salon this weekend. It will make you feel good.

– Feeling good makes you more desirable to your ex and others for that matter. And on that note, if someone else asks you out on a date, go out with them. Its all going to make you feel positive and be more desirable.

Now work on your weaknesses a little.

Maybe he split from you because he thought you were a slob. Well hit the gym, get fit, maybe hit the housework too, de-clutter, tidy up or decorate a room or two. Next time he sees you or comes over he is going to see a change. And changes that make him want to get to know this new woman.

– Think how positive this will be on your life. Think of the subconscious effects this will have on you and the bounce it will put in your step. Imagine how much negativity you are eradicating! A new you?

Get ex boyfriend back? I think so. No. I know so!

Remember to get ex boyfriend back it’s not about changing who you are totally. It’s about eliminating the negativity, building on your positive strengths and strengthening your weaknesses. Get the best strategies and tactics to quickly get your boyfriend back f…