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What then after the break-up? What to do next after feeling miserable and pathetic with your life? Right now, you’re doubtlessly in an enormous heart ache and pain. I understand completely can relate…and I have been there too! And if that isn’t bad enough, you have to cope with the loss of friends and family that are on “their side”. Let’s not tackle more on the sadness you feel since it will not be of any help. What if you can reverse things effectively?


Some people may feel like the only thing that will heal their broken heart is getting their ex back. While it is not always easy to do it can be done. Presently, your situation is too screwed up just plain too darn complicated. This short write-up can let you experience the magic of making up. Just open up your heart and mind to it. I suggest that you really focus while reading this for this might be the answer to your present dilemma.


Do a simple psychological exercise to boost your focus on fixing your problem. Think your future with him, a happier future, his strong arms embracing you once more, his sweet gentle kiss and the nice conversations you’ve always had. Now, do this every time you’d like to torture yourself with the ugly thoughts of the past. Don’t allow any distractions to ruin your second chance to fix things. It’s true that your impulsiveness and ignorance mess things up while you were together, but there is a better way of dealing with the situation.


Then, find a new way to enhance yourself, get a new hobby and redirect your time towards other stuff. Sure, this may seem like unimportant, trust me…it is as essential as the other important points in winning your ex back . Showing him that you’ve “moved on” will alarm him. Why? Because he thinks you cannot survive without him. Tell his friends what you’ve been up to, go out on dates, enroll in a gym, be more productive. If he sees that, he’ll start questioning himself why he isn’t included in your plans anymore. Sooner or later, he’ll eventually want to reconnect with you. That’s where your most potent weapon comes in next.


Play with his emotions. Make him want you so badly by trying your best not to notice him while he’s running after you. Pretend that you’re not interested anymore and that there are still other men who you think are more worthy of you. That will make him more determined to get your attention. A bit of a warning here, don’t make him too jealous as there’s this possibility that he may feel insecured and eventually back off. When you have him back in your arms, make sure not to do the same old mistakes you’ve done before. Be more patient, nurturing, and loving. We do a few right things in our romantic relationship and a few wrong things. But the commitment to excellence in all of your relationships must be your lifelong quest. This quest is not impossible to achieve. Go get him back into your arms where he truly belongs.


Im Nathan Smith and I have been in broke ups. Those things were the ones done by my ex’s to win me back.

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