Relationships should be constantly cultivated and also respected to be able to prosper and grow.  You and your partner should give importance not only to your relationship but to each other as well.  This will create natural balance and if this balance is ruined that is when the problems begin.  A relationship that is not balanced can possibly melt away if it is not resolved right away.  At this kind of situation, there is always one person who wish things can still be resolved.  It is difficult if you are this person who want to get your ex back, however, there are means or ways to recover from this miserable situation.

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Here are some things that you have to do on how to get your ex back.

#  You Have to Be Strong –  Just like the old saying says that no one needs the needy, it relates well to this kind of relationship.  Do not be so desperate, doing things like clinging and begging will only drive him back the more instead of getting your ex back.  You have to show and prove to him that you can carry on even in the hardest time, and you also have to attest it to yourself.  Breakups are really not that easy but you have to do the weeping behind closed doors. 

# You have to minimize your contact with him if you want to get your ex back.

 Minimize Contact – You probably think that minimizing contact seem to be the opposite to re-establishing unsuccessful relationship, but this is actually one of the vital steps in getting your ex back.  There are reasons why you have reached this certain point in your relationship, and it is apparent that one of you need some break.  Allow some time to reflect in order to assess your relationship.  Give some time for your ex to think and clear his mind.  A time away is maybe what he truly needs to make him realize how important your relationship was.  Minimizing contact is one of the best things to do on how to get your ex back.

# You Need to be Flexible – It is wrong to warn your ex or give mandates such as “you have to pick your things here by tomorrow or else…”  Do not scare your ex just to make him return back to you.  Your ex probably left because he was not satisfied with some part of your relationship.  Why not try to be a listener this time, but this does not meat that you have to give in to every demand.  You need to meet your ex halfway to help rebuild that bridge of communication.

# Go Out and Enjoy – This is not the time to stay at home and just weep.  Why not call your friends and go out to entertain yourself.  You do not have to date someone right away, just have fun. 

# Try To Be Yourself – Remember that there is a particular reason why the both of you were attracted to each other.  Try to bring back those first month of your relationship together to realize the things that have changed.  There are times that a relationship tends to become monotonous.  Be yourself and emphasize your qualities.  Try to be who you really are and before you know it, you will get your ex back again.

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