If you have just split up with your partner and you are keen to get your ex back, then this article is for you. The majority of people who date will have experienced a break up at some stage in their lives. Most people will move on from these relationships not realizing that they have a good chance to get back with their ex, if that is the way they want to go.

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Splitting up with your partner doesn’t always mean that is the end. Research statistics tell us that up to 90 percent of broken relationships have a chance of mending. And this research can prove to be true for you, if you know the right steps involved to get them back.

To begin, the first step involves finding out the reason for the relationship failing. If you can get an idea of why the relationship ended then you will be more informed to go onto the next step. Some reasons come from a single event, and some reasons may be due to certain behaviours.

Once you are aware of the reason, then you can work on making sure that this reason will not come up again in the future. Knowing what went wrong in the first place will help you not only to get back with your ex, but it will also help you to keep your ex for longer.

Whatever you do from now onwards, do not make yourself look like a person who is needy. While it may feel like the whole world is collapsing around you, try not to make it obvious to your ex. Appearing to them as if everything is ok, will help you get them back faster.

So, hold in there and know that by showing self confidence, you will have a greater chance of getting back together.

One startegy that doesn’t work well, is the one where you try to make your ex jealous. This strategy will only encourage your ex to move on because in their eyes, you already have.

There is a big difference between letting your ex see that you are doing fine on your own, and letting your ex see that you are possibly seeing someone else. Show your ex that you have attractive qualities such as being strong and self confidence, and your ex will much more likely be interested in getting back together with you.

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