After a heated argument and finally a breakup, do you know that you can still get your ex back in your arms if you are willing to think backwards! That’s right! By thinking backwards I mean you may have to do some things that are in opposition to your rational way of thinking. Let this article explain.

Language of Desires


This will work equally well whether you want to get your girl or man back. Both men and women fall into this vicious trap. Following a breakup it is all to common to apologize for everything under the sun each time we make contact with our ex. The more we apologize and promise to change (of course, this time forever) the more resistance is built up from our ex.


We spend countless hours on our cell phones, begging and pleading for one last chance. We send hundreds of text messages back and forth with each one becoming just a bit testier. Finally, we both reach our limits and any chance of getting back together is lost forever. Or is it?


Let’s back up and find what we should have done in the first place. If, at the beginning stages of the breakup, we agree to disagree psychology may just take over. By telling our soul mate that we have been thinking along the same lines as they just mentioned, and that breaking up may just be what the doctor ordered, we will spark an emotional mechanism that is sometimes key to keeping a relationship together. That is the fact that we all want what we can’t have. If your partner wants a breakup or separation, give it to them! No arguments, no begging or pleading. Just agree, amicably, to go along with their idea. Let them pack their things and go.


Don’t follow up with the constant phone calls and do not get involved with endless text messaging.

They always lead to disaster. Instead, try this. Write a short and concise note telling your ex that you are sorry things had to end as they did. Wish them luck in their next relationship. Don’t show any weakness or remorse. Even if you are emotionally whipped you can not let your ex know. Why? You are going to win the psychological battle and cause them to want you back because they believe you do not want them any more. He or she will once again want what they can not have…YOU!


This backwards thinking has helped thousands of relationships mend themselves in short periods of time. By trying this simple tactic you can get your ex back, too.


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