Break ups are painful experiences and not really something that you will want to go through on a regular basis. The pain is certainly compounded if you are on the receiving end and you don’t want the relationship to come to a conclusion. Here are some tips on how to get ur ex back.

Language of Desires

It is important that you are very patient. Patience is a virtue and this may well pay dividends at the end of the day. If you are not patient and you continually harass your ex and try to get them to take you back then this is very unlikely to work.

Space is equally important. As much as you may want to be around your ex and to find out exactly what they are doing at all times, need to give them plenty of space and time. By doing this you will present and create an environment in which they can start to miss you.

If you do talk to your ex it is absolutely critical that you avoid arguing with them. Unnecessary arguments and the bringing up of old feuds is simply going to make matters worse. Understand that it is very difficult to win an argument, particularly if you are dealing with someone who is stubborn. Be the bigger person and try to avoid them.

It is quite important that you remain friends. This may be very difficult to stomach, especially if your ex is flirting with others or even start up a new relationship, but it may well be important if you want to have them back in your arms at any time in the future.

Always maintain a positive that achieved and always have your confidence high, especially when you are talking to them or hanging out with them.

If you appear to be downbeat and unhappy then you are going to appear unattractive.


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