Being dumped by your girlfriend is an extremely painful event. I know, because it has happened to me before. If you’ve recently experienced it, I know what you’re going through. You’re probably feeling pretty down. The more that you loved your girlfriend the harder it is going to be for you to function normally. I felt helpless and worst of all, desperate. I just wanted to get my girlfriend back no matter what.

Language of Desires

Desperation made me do things that I thought would improve my chances of getting my girlfriend back. For example, I sent her a lot of text messages, when I talked to her I got emotional and begged her to come back. I even found myself saying I was sorry for every little thing I could think of that I thought may have been the reason she broke up with me. I even bought her special gifts and sent them to her. I’ll let you in on a secret, none of this worked. If you try it, you’ll probably see that it won’t work for you either.

To get your girlfriend back as soon as possible, you first have to “go on living without her” for some time. You have to show her, that you aren’t needy, you aren’t desperate, and you can go on with your life. When I first heard of this I thought that it would do no good go get my girlfriend back – it might relieve her to see that I am able to go on with my life. But no – it’s a psychological trick, a mind trick even.

The fact is, human nature dictates that we want what we can’t have. Your girlfriend even when she broke up with you pretty much knew that at any time if she wants you back, she can have you back. This very dynamic is why when you push to get her back it pushes her further away and her pushing away from you is why you want her back even more. This is destructive to your goal of being able to get your girlfriend back.

You just have to go against your natural instincts and forget about her. When you start living your life for yourself you’re sending an unexpected message to her. You’re letting her know you’re not desperate and you don’t need her. Now she’ll want what she can’t have and probably try to pursue you.

To get my ex back, I used a lot of methods utilizing the “make yourself inaccessible” and “invoke your ex’s curiostiy” principles. I did it by following a “complete game plan”.

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