Wondering how to get back together with your girl? Asking how to get my girlfriend back? I’ll go over 3 simple steps that work for tons of people, and they can work for you too.  You could even say they’re proven because they work so well universally.

Language of Desires

Step #1 – Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Remember that!  How do we use this to our advantage? Well right now you’re probably smothering her a bit.  You’re probably calling her a bit too much, or maybe your presence is just a little bit on the heavy side.  You need to do the absolute opposite.  We need to make you disappear completely from her life for a little while.  This will do a few things: It will help you to focus on YOU (See the next step,) and it will ALSO make her extremely INTRIGUED.  She’ll be wondering where you’ve disappeared, and if you’ve really gotten over her ALREADY.  Very powerful stuff

Step #2 – Now that you’ve stopped contact with your ex girlfriend, we can see what’s happening.  Basically at this point she will definitely start missing you, at least a little bit, and more so she will be wondering where you are.  why haven’t you called her? Why haven’t you seen her? What’s going on? This will start to make her really intrigued in hearing from you whenever you do decide to contact her.  But we’ll make her wait more while you get yourself together.  We need to give you a quick mini makeover, so to speak.  I know it may sound weird, but if you change up your clothes, hairstyle, or anything that’s fashion related, you can really help your chances with getting back with your ex.  It doesn’t have to be huge, but it has to be a POSITIVE change in your FASHION and overall “health”

Step #3 – Awesome!  You have a new “look,” and she is probably wondering where you are.  Why the heck hasn’t she heard from you? Are you REALLY over her? These are things that make her really anxious.  So now that you’ve set everything up properly it’s time to pounce! Give her a very delicate call, extremely casual, and just shoot the breeze with her a bit.  See how she’s been, even comment that you think the break up was a good idea.  Then, very casually, you need to set up a date.  But it’s not a date.  It’s just a quick get together, like coffee or something.  Anything that is inherently casual.  Once you have her out and she sees the new you, it’s very easy for you to do what it is that you did to get her in the first place.  Just remind her how good your relationship was and why she was with you!  So now you won’t be asking how to get my girlfriend back anymore!

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How to get a girlfriend in Minecraft!

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