You would be surprised when one fine day your boyfriend would turn to you and say that he needs more space. I am sure that you would be more than surprised as per you the relationship would have been going fine with all guns blazing, this would be like a speed breaker for you.

Language of Desires

There could be so many reasons that your boyfriend would end up saying these words and feeling this way. You never know, if you can handle this situation right and the next thing you will be thinking of will be – “how to get my ex boyfriend back” and you should find all the possible ways to do so if you are still in love with him.

There could be many ways to deal with the problem. Try to find some reasons of why he needs more space; or sneaking in like a detective to know if he has some other women in his life; he might not find you or the relationship as interesting as it used to be. Many people including your friends and family members can help you out after a breakup. Listen to what others have to say before you pursue to fix the problem and get your ex boyfriend back.

The best thing to do is what he is asking you to do. He has asked you to give him some space, and that’s what you should do for a week or two. The more you would want to get into the details or why’s and but’s, the more helpless it is. Try to figure out why he needs space in the first place and why is that he doesn’t want you anymore. (last but not least try to figure out if the relationship is worth saving) Let him think about what went wrong in your relationship, and he might soon come back to you, however you will definitely need patience.

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