You’ve had a break up and you now realize what you’ve actually lost. Just like the song “don’t know what you got, ’till it’s gone”, many people actually need a “break up” to truly realize how important and special their relationship was.

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The problem, of course, is that you’ve broken up, and getting back together after heavy and emotional break ups can be very difficult. Just the thought of the pain of potentially breaking up again makes it hard for your ex to even consider getting back together with you.

Here are 3 ways to become the kind of person that can successfully get their ex back!

How do I get my ex back?

Stronger, Better, and Bolder.

These are the 3 qualities you want to put forward to show your ex that you’ve improved greatly as a human being and you realized this through your break up. Maybe you are lacking in one of these areas, or perhaps all three. Most people have some degree of improvements they could make in each.

Stronger: You want to be a stronger person, and this means in the emotional sense. You want to show that you can take criticism, not get emotionally upset about trivial things, and put more trust into your relationship.

Better: You want to be a better, kinder, gentler, more together individual. Most of us know that we lack in a certain area or two and can make improvements to better ourselves. For instance, having a bad temper may be a bad habit for some, and this almost always translates over to causing damage in a relationship. Proving to your ex that you are bettering yourself and taking action to improve your behavior is a huge step in successfully getting them back.

Bolder: Many times relationships become dull and you become complacent to the point of taking for granted that you are with this incredible person.

What happens next is your partner notices this, and it builds up to the point where they’ve had enough and feel they deserve someone who shows them how special and important they really are.

That’s where becoming bolder comes in. You really need to take action and take chances to get your ex back. This doesn’t mean doing anything stupid, annoying or illegal, it just means making strong, heartfelt gestures of truly wanting to get back together.

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