Are you trying desperately to get him to come back to you? Are you going about it in all the right ways? Hopefully you are not pulling a pity party. Men don’t connect with women’s emotional side all that often. Crying or in some cases, sobbing, will not work. Right about now, he probably doesn’t really want to see tears. Most likely he is looking for some time to himself so he can think things through.

Language of Desires

Act as though everything is alright with you. Show off your pearly whites. Have him believe that you couldn’t agree more that the two of you need a bit of a separation. This image will be difficult to put on with a smile however, he will be somewhat surprised of your reaction. No way would he have seen this coming. You have successfully regained his attention again.

Try avoiding him all together. Avoidance will have him wondering even more. Not only will you have gained his attention, you may have also just found a way to get him to come back to you again. By having no contact with him, you also are giving him the time he needs to sort this whole thing out. Although you are filled with emotions, most likely he is to, only showing it in a different manner. The time spent apart will be, time well spent in the long run.

After having the space he needed and that you needed as well, it is time to reconnect. Meet up somewhere where the two of you can sit and talk. Get him to come back to you by being yourself. Be who you were when the two of you first met. That is the woman he fell for in the first place. Hopefully he will follow your lead and become once again, the man you were so madly in love with.

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