Growing a relationship is like growing a small plant. You need first to grow the seed and then water it time to time. After the constant care the plant grows, blossoms and bears fruits. It is applicable with growing a relationship. If you want to grow relationship with your ex boyfriend, you need to be watchful enough to spare some time with him and know him that you care for him. It will take time to get the relationship deeply rooted.

Language of Desires

First of all, you should not rush the things. It means that you should proceed step by step. Initially, you should make eye contacts with him. It will make your ex boyfriend aware that he is a noticeable thing for you. Once you both feel familiar with each other, you should proceed with giving him a gentle smile. This will feel him at ease to respond you by giving the smile. Now gradually move forward by saying just a simple ‘hello’. Thus, start with an eye contact and move forward with friendly words. This will give him the sign that he is the person of interest for you and you care him. The friendly approach is the first step to a successful relationship.

However, you should be careful enough to keep the communication brief, yet simple in nature. It will generate curiosity in your ex boyfriend’s mind and he will begin to think of you every time now and then. Don’t reveal yourself much to him. It will create an air of mystery around you and the sustained curiosity will pull your ex boyfriend towards you. You should take care of your appearance always. Maintain good looks and dress up gorgeously. It will reveal him that you are self-conscious and confident. This attitude will make him know that you respect yourself. Remember, others respect you only when you respect yourself. Gradually, you will find that your ex boyfriend is curious and impatient enough to get you into his life.

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