Do you miss the togetherness and the comfort and want to bring back the warmth to your fading romance? Do you want to revitalize a dying relationship? If you have answered yes to the above questions then read on to learn how you can get him back.

Language of Desires

1. Patience is the highest virtue which will help you get him back. don’t rush headlong into anything. Keep things simple and small, like an occasional hi or a wave when you see him. Remember that eye contact is vital, as it will let your ex know that you are not undermined and are talking to him. don’t go further than this.

2. Introduce conversation into your meetings casually and don’t sound forced. Talk to him when the opportunity arises. Keep the conversation to the basics and as brief as possible. don’t talk too much about yourself, let the mystery hang in the air, it can be quite tantalizing to men. If you happen to meet him at a social gathering or a party, you can consider stopping the conversation with him if your friends walk in. this will tell him though the lines are open between you two, he definitely is not on your priority list. Flirt a little with other men if he is around.

3. Look good, smell good and take care of yourself. Maintain your appearance and add elements of change regularly. When you give time to yourself, it goes a long way in showing that you care for yourself and your body and that you have confidence and you respect yourself. This can be quite a turn on to most men.

4. Don’t be miserly with honest compliments for your ex. Your aim should be to make him feel comfortable and good around you if you want your ex back. Once in a while strike a conversation about the good times that you have spent together.

Bring up the high points of your relationship. Get reminiscence about the happy memories that you have together. While you are at reminding your ex about what he is missing, work at getting him back too.

5. Be his best friend. If you can be friends with him, he will let you know if he is willing to give the relationship another shot. When you are a friend, you can open up to him and have some good times together, which can help rekindle the old fire. Too act too needy, and let things happen at their pace. If it is meant to be, he will come back to you eventually.

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