Getting back with your ex girlfriend after a break up is not very easy to do. Most times it can be very difficult and emotionally draining. This always goes against every inherent aptitude that we have. If you really want to win your ex back then you must withstand the normal instincts which you have and follow the advice on how to get your ex back. Read below and see easy ways to get her back after break up.

Language of Desires

1. Back off and give her time to think things over. Men are always known as chasers. They love the thrill of the conquest when it comes to going after women. When a woman breaks up with a guy the initial inherent aptitude is to hunt them down. Chase them and retake them. But women do not want such a thing. When a woman breaks up with a guy they often look for some space. They are not interested in being strangled at that time. This is always hard for guys to realize.

2. Don’t be the one to make the first contact. Let your woman make first contact after breaking up with you. Don’t write, call, text or show up at her home or her place of work. Try to give her space and wait for her to contact you. Women always need someone to conversant with. Finally she will contact you for this.

3. Gain self control. Most women will look for closure in a friendship that has ended. By not starting the call you will not appear desperate to her.

4. Don’t think that if you are not calling her she will think that you don’t care. The opposite is true. She will know that all you are doing is to respect her wishes in giving her the space that she needs.

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