1. Begin with “The First-Who:”

Language of Desires

Who is the first-focus of your longing and desire? Be honest, did you first think of yourself or someone else? The point of this beginning question is to remind ourselves of the natural law of love. Natural love is like a drop in the pond, it ripples out and out forever in all directions. The first-who is you. True love gives, it doesn’t take. How to get back your love must begin with an honest look within. What is the message you are sending out? This question has been answered and you can truly move on to the second question when you really get it and remember the correct order of cause and effect. You are the source of all that you experience.

2. “The Second-Who:”

Who is your beloved? Who is the one that you are choosing to unite or reunite with in love? Keep in mind that bodies don’t unite, minds do. Another way to think of it is the distinction between form and content. The body is simply a form, it the content filling that form which is what we give and receive with another. Of course we are not talking about being celibate here! This second question naturally follows the first, but it often gets all of your attention and thereby distracts you from remembering how to get back your love. The only sustainable, peaceful and joyful way to love is according to natural law. Accept no substitutes, give the “content” of true love. The “form” it takes will naturally follow, when placed in the proper order, 1 then 2 then…

3. What:

What is your purpose? To have, we must give all to all. But what does that really mean? The distinction we made in the last question between form and content offers insight into how to determine your purpose. Your purpose may not be what it appears to be! This question begins to bring some magical awareness to what it really is that you are giving and receiving in love with another. If your purpose is to give and receive love, aside from the form it takes what is the content of love itself? One definition of love could be, “a strong positive emotion of regard and affection.” But we both know that love is not always positive. You may be reading this article because the positives and negatives are out of balance. For now, simply try on the idea that the content of your purpose with how to get back your love might be no more complicated than to balance the positive and negative. There is magic in that alone.

4. When:

When do we begin or end, continue or not continue? This is probably the simplest of all questions for how to get back your love. In the balance of opposites we can ask this question from the negative side. Is there ever a time when we are not loving? Sure differing forms might confuse us with whether we are loving or being loved, but look closer into the natural order of things. We established in the previous questions that we are the source of all that we experience, now we’ll look deeper. Look at your body’s own heart. Is there ever a time when your own beating heart is not loving you? The question “when” is answered with it’s opposite, when not? While forms come and go the content of love is eternal, persistent and continuous. How to get back your love? Begin by remembering that in truth you couldn’t lose it in the first place.

5. Where:

Where is the work of how to get back your love really done? At the level of content is where a lasting change in awareness occurs. The form that love takes in this world of duality will be ever changing, that is the magic of this world of positives and negatives. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus etc. etc. but at the level of content is where order, peace and a lasting joy can be found in the chaos of love’s many apparent magical forms.

6. Why:

Why? Please accept our apology in advance. When someone first shared with us what we will now share with you we didn’t like it. Our guess is that you won’t like it either, so we apologize for that, but there are some things that sooner or later simply have to be looked at whether we like it or not. The why question is just one of those things. Why ask why? We know, we know we also have come up with many reasons ourselves too for why to ask why…but when rubber meets the road, rubber meets the road whether we understand why or not. In other words, in the end why ask why? It really doesn’t make any difference, especially in matters of the heart. Accepting what is, as it is, is the only thing that puts us in the place of being the cause, and no longer being at the effect of how to get back your love.

7. How:

How to get back your love? Oh, yes! This is the greatest question of all! Have you ever noticed that the quality of your life is in direct relationship to the quality of the questions you ask? Much has been and will continue to be written extending greater awareness into this wonderful inquiry. How to get back your love is a vital question, we suggest that you not allow any answer to cause you to stop asking it. It’s that important.

May we share with each other the journey of asking and answering ongoing how to get back your love?

Together or not at all.

Nathaniel L. and Cathrine L. are Relationship Success Enthusiasts. They can Help You With How To Get Back Your Love, Resources For those who find themselves Suddenly Single.